How Pests Can Affect Your Roof

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Posted on July 04, 2022

How Pests Can Affect Your Roof

Pesky Pest Infestations

It is no secret that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. As your protector from the elements, your roof is up against a lot: rain, snow, wind, and even pests.

That's right; pests can quickly target your roof as a great place to nest and begin to take over. Read on to discover what kind of infestations you may have on your hands and how they can affect your roof.


As rats settle and make their nest in your roof, they could soon begin to wreak havoc with their chewing habits. With teeth that never stop growing, rats will gnaw on wiring, insulation, wood, and other materials. This can create serious fire hazards and affect the efficiency and safety of your home.


Termites are always looking for their next meal and if they make their way to your roof, you're in for big trouble. These pests will eat away at any wood structuring in your home, weakening it and increasing the likelihood of irreparable damage.


Birds can also be a problem for roofs. The twigs, feathers, and leaves they use to build their nests can clog gutters and downspouts. These blogs will cause water to back up and potentially damage your roof.


Avoid serious damage to your roof by staying diligent and remembering to:

  • Clean your gutters frequently
  • Trim back bushes and branches that come near your roof
  • Ensure your roof is properly sealed and insulated
  • Schedule regular roof maintenance
  • Call your local pest control team
  • This will help keep pests at bay!


If you're ever experiencing an issue with your roof, whether it be a pest infestation, pooling water, or missing shingles, give Honest Abe Roofing a call at (844) 298-4100! We're here to help keep the roof over your head in tip-top shape all year long. Contact us online to request a free roofing estimate.

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