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Our roofing professionals will treat your home like their own. We are not just installing a roof, we are providing you and your family the highest quality products you can rely on for years to come.

17 Point Inspection

16 Point Roof Inspection

Quality and reliability are key values for us. We will come to your home and give you a free 17 point roof inspection to help you make the best decision for your home.

Metal Roofing Experts

Metal Roofing Experts

We are metal roofing experts. We can show you how a single investment can add value to your home, give it a better look and save you money through heating and cooling efficiency.

Normally, I would think of roofers as a type of rough bunch, but your team was so professional. They really put me at ease and did a fantastic job.

I was set to repair my roof again for the fifth time, but your team showed me some alternatives that I hadn’t considered. I ended up with a brand new roof I’m confident that will last for years to come.

When I saw the mess left in my neighbors yard after their roof replacement, I dreaded calling a roofer. You can imagine the surprise and joy I felt when I saw your crew protecting my home and landscaping and the relief when they made sure everything was back to normal before leaving my home.

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Why Choose Honest Abe Roofing?

Honest Abe Roofing Materials

At Honest Abe Roofing we are metal experts. We are an authorized ForeveRoof™ dealer which means we get our materials straight from the manufacturer and are able to pass the savings on to you! Metal roofs provide energy savings, beauty, and protection for your home that can last a lifetime. Offered in a rainbow of colors, your metal roof can be a traditional vertical seam profile, or be manufactured to resemble wood shake, slate, shingles or clay tiles

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Honest Abe Quality

Our quality products set us apart from many roofing companies. We only source top quality steel and asphalt to ensure the best for you and your family. We are the only authorized ForeveRoof™ dealer in the Midwest and stand behind our products and service with a lifetime warranty. Your ForeveRoof™ can even transfer that warranty to a new owner should you sell your house.

Reliability is a key competency in for Honest Abe Roofing. Too many times we see roofing companies "chasing storms", knocking on doors and shooting quick prices. These jobs then turn into unreliable work and craftsmanship. Our certified technicians are trained to give you the upmost confidence and reliability in your new roof.

Honesty is core to Honest Abe Roofing. We believe good roofs start with honest, upfront information. This then sets the foundation for a great business partnership. We see your roof as our roof and seek to create a reliable foundation for you and your family.

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